cannot load new library.

Hi All

I have a mecanum wheel robot with sabertooth motor control and kangaroo motion controller. I went to the Dimension Engineering to download the appropriate libraries for the coding of my project.

I was able to add the libraries. It is showing in the Sketch---> import library drop down menu. But whenever I click on the library to be included in the program the cursor just goes down one line and nothing is displayed. It does not happen with the default core libraries. They are included fine.

Could anyone help me and let me know if I am missing something.

Hi msdhillon

If the library has been installed ok, you can manually add the #include <libraryname.h> at the top of the program, putting in the correct library name :slight_smile:

Does the library come with any example programs? Do they show up in File - Examples?

Have you exited and restarted the IDE after installing the library?



It is working now. Thanks. I reinstalled the IDE and it worked. Thanks for the prompt reply