cannot open

i can't install Arduino on my PC. i get the following error message:

'the winzip wizard cannot open this file. it does not appear to be a valid archive. if you downloaded this file, try downloading it again. if you want to add the file to an archive, first create or open the archive, then drop the file again'.

i also tried opening the arduino-0007 zip with winRAR, same problem.

how can i get Arduino on my computer? i have windows XP.

Are you sure it downloaded completely? It should be 46.7 MB.

I just double checked in my machine and the download works, I think that boxpuppet may have downloaded the file wrongly.


the file is there, on my desktop, 45.6 MB (47,849,954 bytes) i just can't open it/extract it/unzip it...

& how could i have downloaded the file incorrectly?

It’s possible you didn’t get the last few bytes of the file, or that something was corrupted in the process. I’d tried downloading the file again. Or unzipping it with a different program.

i tried downloading it again, this time through internet explorer. it worked. it opened. last time had been through firefox and the file didn't download to 46.7mb, that must've been the problem. thank you