"Cannot open file" on Atmel Flip

I was trying to upload this hex file to my arduino and it keeps giving me the error message "Cannot open file".
How can i get rid of it?

Of the file? Delete it?

Joking aside, please provide more details.

  1. Are permissions OK?
  2. Which OS?
  3. Where did you put the file? Does Atmel Flip look in the same directory?
  4. Is the error referring to the file or a serial port?
  5. Did you put the 16U2 in "special mode" (never used Atmel Flip so not sure what is involved)?
  6. Does your Arduino indeed has a 16U2?
  7. Can you open the file with a text editor?
  8. Anything that you can think of

1.It has full permission
2.Win10 Enterprise Build 18363
3.File is located in downloads and yes it looks at the same directory as the file
4. The error is referring to the file
5.With special do you mean DFU mode, if so yes.(did by connecting reset and gnd ICSP pins)
6.Yes it is a 16u2
7.I can open it with a text editor

I know you said you can open the file with a text editor but the (low) possibility some other program has a lock on that file.

I would restart your computer and to right to your download program (before anything else) and see if you get the same message.

nope, i restarted it and nothing has changed.

Perhaps move the file to some where else where you also have permissions. Again a guess but not much effort to try.

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i didnt expect it but it somehow worked, im guessing it was probably because windows defender thought that it was a suspicious file and limited its access but when i uploaded it to C disk its limitations got removed since C has full administiration.
But thank you so much that idea wouldn't have came to my mind in a million.

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