Cannot power NRF24 with Antenna


I am back again to get the NRF24 module to work better this time! I have done some research and bought the base modules to feed the NRF24 with the extended antenna. I have wired up my base module to a UBEC 5v regulator from a dual 3.7 LiPo battery pack. But I only manage to recive with the NRF24 with extended antenna but when I switch out the NRF with the small one with the PCB antenna it works just perfect. I only manage to recive data with the large antenna. Does anyone have any tips? When I power the transmitter on my bluetooth headset starts laggang a lot, so something must be transmitted I belive.

I have done a lot of error testing and after a coincidence I found out that when I power off the entire Arduino with a powerswitch I have implemented on my controller the NRF24 + PA + LNA sends about 1 or 2 signals to the recivers, I belive that when I disconnect the power my capacitor drives the NRF for a microseconds. I can repeat this process and send packages. Does anyone have any idea?

Thanks beforehand!
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What "extended antenna" are you referring to..?
Any antenna need to be precisely matched to the NRF units.

If you need more range and power use the NRF24L01+PA+LNA units which already have a suitable antenna supplied.

Note you could use a single 3.7v cell with a boost converter for your adaptor as the NRF don't take much current.

Can be you have your Tx and Rx too close together.

This antenna Geekcreit® 1100 meter long distance nrf24l01+pa+lna wireless module with antenna module Sale - I have the modules about 1m apart in a small room, maybe that is the problem, I will try to go outside!

Also good idea to read this.........

Ok, this feels like it could be something, will try some different versions of the RF24 lib

It just feels so weired that there are a lot of videos on youtube where they just wire it without a capasitor or any other power supply than the arduino and theirs seem to work just perfect.....

No one posts videos of the failures. Don't take YT seriously -- it and Instructables are just about the worst resources for technical material. There are a few exceptions, though.

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I have now tried some different versions and no difference (1.17, 1.3.2 and latest). I let it just sit and keep transmitting and about 3 transmittions went through.

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