Cannot read input register from rs485

Hello guys, can you help me?
I try to read temperature and humidity from xymd-02 sensors using RS485. I connect them to arduino uno. I also using modbus as the protocol. This the code i use :

#include <ModbusMaster.h>

#define MAX45_DE 3
#define MAX45_RE_NEG 2

ModbusMaster node;

void preTransmission(){
digitalWrite(MAX45_RE_NEG, 1);

void postTransmisson(){
digitalWrite(MAX45_RE_NEG, 0);

void setup() {
// put your setup code here, to run once:
pinMode(MAX45_RE_NEG, OUTPUT);
pinMode(MAX45_DE, OUTPUT);

digitalWrite(MAX45_RE_NEG, 0);




void loop() {
// put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
uint8_t resultMain;

resultMain = node.readInputRegisters(0x0001, 2);
Serial.print("Hasil : ");
if (resultMain == node.ku8MBSuccess) {
Serial.print("Suhu : ");
Serial.print("Kelembapan : ");

When i try to run this code, on serial monitor always display something like this:

and when i try to print resultMain on monitor, it always display 226.

Anyone can help to solve this problem?

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Looking at your code, you're using pins 0 and 1 of the Arduino Uno for RS485; those pins are also used for the USB connection to the PC so you have a conflict which can explain the result.

Note that I'm not familiar with ModBus.

thank you for that, i will try.

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