Cannot see ESP8266 device on serial port


I'm working on a macOS 10.15.2.

I know enough programming to be dangerous, but know limited about hardware or electronics. I'm also new to arduino.

I have an arduino uno and when I plugged this into the USB port of my mac, I could see it in the tools > port. However, when I plugged in my ESP8266 D1 mini in the USB port via a micro-B USD jack, nothing appears in the tools > port options.

Reading the troubleshoot, it appears as though the arduino uses standard drivers. However, other Arduino boards use FTDI drivers to communicate with the FTDI chip on the board. I therefore tried to instal the FTDI drivers following the user guide. Unfortunately, after I restarted, I still could not see the ESP8266 appear in the tools > port section.

Through this, I also saw that I could click on about this mac > system report, scroll to USB and the new driver should be there. It is not.

I'm a little lost now as I can't seem to communicate with the ESP8266 unless I can connect it to a serial port!

Any help is greatly appreciated. Let me know if there is any detail that I may have missed that may assist.

In the IDE tools list, if you scroll down to port, is an available port shown?

The ESP8266 D1 Mini definitely doesn't use an FTDI USB chip, so you're wasting your time messing with that driver. Depending on which exact D1 Mini you have, it's probably the WCH CH340, but there are some with the Silicon Labs CP2102. You can look at the writing on the chip to see which one you have. I don't think you would need to install either of those drivers on macOS.

Make sure the USB cable is completely plugged in to both the Uno and the PC.

You may have a damaged/defective or charge-only USB cable. Try a different cable.