Cannot see RF from 433Mhz transmitter


I use an Uno + RXB12 433MHz receiver + RemoteReceiver library.

With a 'common' 'Klik Aan Klik Uit' RC I can see data coming in.

With a RC from a Fatboy Edison the Grande outdoor lamp the Arduino does not respond.

However, the latter RC has a JMR-TX-1 433MHz transmitter which works since the Fatboy lamp responds perfectly.

Any hints how to solve the issue: I want to have the Arduino send out the RC code to the lamp.


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The rf signal will be coded in some way - to reproduce it you'll have to find the codes.

An oscilloscope or logic analyser would help here.

The rip-off Chinese copies of the Saleae logic analysers are brilliant, and for a fiver you can't go wrong.


Blog on decoding RF signals.