Cannot set up my Nano RP2040 on IoT Cloud - Error: "Something went wrong"

Forgive me - I'm sure this topic must have come up a dozen times before, but I cannot find it when searching through the forums. I am experienced Arduino developer, but venturing into to the IoT Cloud for the first time.

I have a batch of brand new Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect's, which I am trying to set up on the IoT Cloud. I am developing on a Windows 10 Pro PC. I have tried two different Nano RP2040 Connect's, two different PC's and two different USB cables. The USB cables are connected directly to the PC and not via a hub. I have installed the latest version of Arduino Create Agent (version 1.2.4-056c22e) from the Arduino website this morning.

I have gone to the IoT Cloud website to set up a new device. When I set up a new device, I get the message 'Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect found'. I click on the Configure button and accept the name it has given me.

The system then goes to the setup stage and stays on the 'Uploading Sketch' message for five minutes. After this time, I get this error - "Something went wrong!":

A little note to Arduino developers: a 'something went wrong' error is entirely useless for troubleshooting.

I have tried rebooting my PC, I've tried shutting down and restarting the Create Agent. I have tried resetting the Nano. I've tried following the advice here: Cannot setup board for Arduino IOT Cloud - Nano Family / Nano RP2040 Connect - Arduino Forum

What am I missing?

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I have connected using a Heltec ESP32, which worked immediately with no issues whatsoever.

Have I got a batch of faulty Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect boards?

I using the heltec 32 V2 but I can't connect this board with Arduino IoT. Cloud you give me the method to connect this board ?

Thank you

I plugged in the Heltec ESP32 and it worked first time. I've checked and mine is v1 board so there may be some differences.

Same problem with a Portenta H7

same here (portenta h7). i even had a clear install of win10 to work on but with the same result

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