Cannot start a 2-pin motor with analogWrite

I got a two-lead motor from Radio Shack.

I plug it into the 3V and GND and it spins like the Dickens.

I plug it into GND and Pin 10 and try a modification of the Blink program which contains a line like

analogWrite(11, 255)

and I never get anything to happen, even if the code contains sections of(11,0). What conceptually might I be doing wrong? Thanks!

For the lmgify bullies, I have googled this one to death.

Your motor needs CURRENT, and the Arduino can only provide "current". You need a motor driver that can amplify the small-current/voltage outputs of the Arduino to the voltage/current needs of the motor. Here's our product, there are certainly others to choose from:

Rugged Motor Driver

-- The Rugged Circuits Yellowjacket: 802.11 WiFi module with ATmega328P microcontroller, only 1.6" x 1.2", bootloader

I have googled this one to death.

Did you find this:-

Wow, Thanks!

And judging by your avatar you seem to be interested in 3D so check out:- Form the same people (that's me actually) :)