Cannot upload new sketch to arduino pro mini


I have a arduino pro mini. I uploaded a test sketch with some simple stuff to see if everything was working as it turned out to do. Then I put on some more components and was goaing to upload a new sketch but it never "changes". Everytime I upload its still the same old sketch. It says that it was successfully uploaded but never changes program. Thanks beforehand!

Best regards Max

More likely is that the sketch is being uploaded but it's just not behaving as you expect it to behave.

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I missed that, thank you!

Whenever you run into questions as to whether you board is working or not, go to examples and download "Blink without Delay" and see if the LED on the board blinks.

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@lordmax2, your topic has been moved to a more suitable location on the forum. If you can succesfully upload, avrdude, stk500, bootloader issues is not the right place for your question :wink:

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