Cannot upload programs to Arduino Uno any

Dear Arduino,

I can no longer get the Arduino Editor to upload programs to the Arduino Uno board. The system was working fine just a couple of days ago. Now I cannot upload any program, even Blink, to the board.

I have tried using three different computers, three different USB cables, and two different working Arduino Boards. All that happens is that the Arduino Editor says Verifying “Sketch” (“Sketch” being the name of whatever sketch I am trying to upload), Uploading “Sketch”, and then Busy. But the Busy never goes away and the board is never reprogrammed.

System information is as follows:
Arduino Uno Boards:
Arduino, Board Model Uno R3. BUN5016167595

Arduino Editor (On-line IDE)
Web App Version - 5.5.2

Dell, Precision 3420 computer running Windows 7

Please note that this was, and has been working for the past year, but now it does not work.

Any idea what has changed??

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Same problem on Mega2560 tried everything, giving up now, hoping it is just a temporary issue.

Could you both identify if you are using the ONLINE editor or the regular desktop versions be the the APP or the full install ?

if its the windows store version (app) you may want to remove that and go to the full install version.

If its the online "CREATE" editor could you please read the posts at the top of the forum and add a couple more details please.

@Richardax ME TOO type responses don't mean much without details.