Cannot Upload Sketch when Sensor Shield is on Arduino Duemilanove 328


I am currently trying to run my sketch on my Arduino Duemilanove 328, and with the board itself, I can upload my sketch onto the board.

However, very strangely, when I add my sensor shield extension board onto the Arduino board, the program does not upload.

My project involves using a moisture sensor so I need the sensor shield but I cannot seem to figure
out why I can’t upload my sketch.

Thank you and any help is greatly appreciated.


You need to remove the shield before uploading a new sketch. Some shields interfere with the upload process.

as dmjlambert says, shield cause interface with arduino board sometime, so you need to remove sheild & then upload code.

if you are getting errors , you always try to post those error with quote tags.

Rx pin on the Arduino should be free (Should not connected to anything) while you are uploading the code.

If it doesn't solve your problem, Post your error message here.