Cannot upload sketches anymore

After testing Arduino LowPower Mode with example TimedWakeUp (see Arduino Low Power - Arduino Reference), which is working fine, I cannot upload new sketches anymore. The board is alternately 1s awake and 2s in sleep mode. During the sleep mode the board is disconnected and looses contact for uploading. Is there a workaround?

Which Arduino board are you using ?

Double tap the reset button!!!!! and it worked!!!!!!

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Arduino Uno Rev 3.I was doing OK loading and modified Blink, until I got ambitions and modified the code to write "Blink.ino" to de Serial Monitor. (Which it does and I was happy).
I think the code I wrote does keep the port with the USB open all the time, then does not allow me to load another complied code.
Please help
Using windows 10, Arduino Uno Rev 3, IED cersion2.0 ofr64 bit.
Nothing else access this port, and if a switch USB ports the Serial Monitor follows the port I just plugged in.
Please help, I am new but old timer (83) and ready to give up.
I have three similar boards one by GEEKCREIT

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