Cannot Upload Sketches

I am a newbie here, I want to describe the issues I have been having and see if somebody else has had the same problems.
I have an Arduino UNO, I am using Win XP SP3 and trying to connect via usb.
I have been able to connect in the past but for some reason I cannot connect anymore. I decided to try and load the "BLINK" sketch just to see if it would upload the program but I keep getting the same message: "avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync?

So I did a serial check by placing a jumper between reset and Gnd, ans also a jumper between tx and rx and when I did the test all of the text I typed in and sent returned as it is supposed to do.

I went into device manager and deleted the serial port and reinstalled it using the suggested driver. After I reinstalled the driver I then I could again see the driver named "Arduino Uno COM 3"
When I plug in the the USB cable that is connected to the Arduino I get and indication sound indicating that I connected the Arduino. If I pull out the USB cable I also get a sound indication that I disconnected the cable.
Also in the Arduino software under the tools menu I believe when you pick on the word "programmer" there are six selections to choose from, I'm sorry I am not on the PC that has the software on it so that I can state the exact descriptions, but which programmer selection should I be using here? Thank you in advanced for your help, I really want to get back into working with the Arduino, this is most frustrating.