Cannot upload to Arduino DUE no matter what I try

Using the latest IDE I experience the following bugs: - Uploading sketch for infinity

-An error occurred whilst uploading the sketch

-avrdude: stk_getsync() attempt 1 out of 10 (goes to ten and fails)

Using IDE 1.6.6 (used an IDE a while back and it seemed to work) - Uploading sketch for infinity

  • access to com 3 denied

Fixes I have tried - Uploading using programmer (no new errors occur either) - burning bootloader (there is an error) - changing which port I am using - updating drivers - restarting the computer - using ATMEGA162 rather than 328 - pressing reset just before upload - using AVRISP not ISPmkII - using USBISP

Info Arduino Due R3-E Native use = SAM3X ATMEGA16U2 Trying to use IDE to get board information fails