Cannot upload to pro mini

I have an Arduino Pro Mini that I’ve been trying to upload to that has always given me problems uploading to before using the arduino UNO FTDI with UNO chip removed.

Lately however it seems like it just can’t be uploaded to anymore. I never see the green reset light flash (unless I push it myself) or the RX/TX lights flash. Even using the hold-reset trick does not help (though pressing the reset switch on either the uno or the pro mini will flash the green light).

I have connected UNO to pro mini:

It has worked before so I don’t think there’s a hardware setup fault, though I have in the past successfully uploaded with demuilanove selected and the reset going to the GRN pin (using the hold reset/usb plug timing trick and with still great frustration).

There is nothing else connected to the RX/TX pins other than the UNO lines coming in for programming. And the chipset still functions normally with the original program on it, but I need to update the code and even uploading the blink program will not work anymore.

In the setup I have selected the correct port, Arduino Pro or Pro Mini, and AVRISP MkII.

The error I usually get is the typical 10 failures to upload message. Anyone know what else could be going on here?

RX normally goes to TX and vice versa. You might want to try that first.

I have tried swapping the rx and tx lines already and there was no change