Cannot Use Atmega16u2

Hello guys,
Im new on Arduino :slight_smile: And I want to use atmega16u2 chip but I cant. Because when I plug in Arduino on pc and bridge reset pins, I cant see anything in Device Manager. But when I release bridge, I can see Arduino Uno R3 again, not Atmega16u2 :o How can I pass this PROBLEM?
Windows 7 64bit on my pc.
Thanks for answers already.
I wish happy new years everyone.

Does anyone have an idea?

To help you I would first need to get a better idea of what exactly you are trying to achieve. When you say you bridge the reset pins are you referring to the reset pin of the 328p or the 16u2?

Sounds like the OP is trying to get an Uno into DFU mode unsuccessfully.

How you expected It just IC name. You need to update firmaware for that.

Arduino Uno itself uses different IC but differentiated by their signature & performance.

I would say just go ahead with your coding.Post error message you got.

You might get signature error or wrong microntroller being used.

Post screen shot of the error got via IDE