Cannot use both neopixel & AnalogRead at same time on Digispark?

Hi All,

I am trying to display a tracer pattern using a neopixel LED strip, read a solar cell voltage, and type the solar cell voltage using the keyboard library at the same time on a Digispark board. However, when I enable the analog read section, the led strip stops lighting up. When the solar cell is connected into the arduino at all, there is a “Device not recognized” usb error message.

I am having trouble pasting my entire script into this forum interface for some reason - it only pastes a portion so attached is the .ino file itself

digisparkneopixel61219.ino (2.18 KB)

You script contains nil characters in it '\0' which is probably the issue with posting.

If attaching your solar cell causes the arduino to not be recognized, you probably have something wired wrong (like a short)

int threshold = 99991023;

On an AtTiny85?

I really think you need to realize the limits of the AtTiny85.