Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax, Minolta IR Control Library

I would like to continue this theme from the old forum here. Meanwhile, Olympus has been tested successfully. In the upcoming version 1.6 will also work the zoom of Olympus cameras. You will find the project page & download of the multiCameraIrControl Arduino Library at the following website:

Hmm - I might be trying this soon. I have a friend who has a nice nikon DSLR and we were talking about remotes for it but they are rather expensive.

Just a small comment about your sig (it appears tiny here - almost unreadable - not sure why), but the spelling: Libraries and Projects. (Yes, the second comment you get about your work is also on your english :P)

Nice work on this project though.


Very nice!

I think I will try this too. Soon-ish. Some time ago I briefly started tinkering with an arduino camera control, but the project never really got started. Mostly due to lack of time at that time. So I hastily made a veroboard with two switches on it and a wire, that more or less became my permanent remote solution :stuck_out_tongue:

@ mowcius

I am very thankful for such hints! The sig is that small, because I don't like if 50% of posting is my signature... ;-)

stundenblume: The sig is that small, because I don't like if 50% of posting is my signature... ;-)

Ahh, I see :)

Has anyone had luck using this library with the Sony DSLRs? I tried with my daughter's Sony A330 because we want to do some time-lapse photography and no wired solution exists. However, nothing happens. Any help is appreciated and many thanks.

I don't have a wireless remote for it or I could use some of the IR snooping sketches I've seen.

Hello Simon,

I can't check if the Sony code is working well. But Walter modified the code of my library and since V1.4 Sony should work.


How can I manage the B exposure with my Pentax K100D Super? According to manual as far as the IR is “on” the shutter should remain open, but this is not the case with the library. I’m afraid the IR signal is given just “one shot”. Is this possible? Did anyone succeed in using the B on Pentax with MulticameraIR? Thank you so much! P.S. Some Pentax cameras may be configured such that the B works as “one shot opens – next shot closes”, unfortunately not mine