CANOpen protocol


I would like to control a RoboteQ motor controller with an arduino using a CAN Bus protocol called CANOpen.
I looked into different libraries and forums and I am not finding the way to do it.
I am attaching a PDF file that explains the way the CAN messages must be constructed in order to control the motor controller.

Can someone help me with this problem?


CANOpen.pdf (58.4 KB)

No one???

So none of these 97,500 results are helpful in any way?

Hi Morgan,

I saw and downloaded some but I am not finding the way to adapt some of those codes to input the variables as they are explained on the PDF I posted...
I am pretty sure that I am missing something or misunderstanding it and that's why I am asking for help to the community.


I found recently this site with a nice example which I tried my self but as I wrote on the previous post I can't find where or how to put the data as the RoboteQ is mentioning to build the CAN message.