CANSAT-like remote environment data collection unit

Hi there

I'm thinking of assembling a remote sensor probe mounted on a gyrocopter, based on Arduino Uno, I understand about what I need hardware-wise, but I could really use some advice on general design of the thing


I have: Arduino UNO
I'll be buying: 9V battery with power cable, humidity, temperature&pressure sensors, accelerometer&gyro sensor and more importantly Second Arduino Uno along with 433Mhz Transceiver Kit to have the data transmitted from UNO to UNO to Laptop

and the questions are - I am missing any components in the setup? (I have basics like soldering materials, breadboard, wires etc. covered)
Is that setup feasible, i.e pairing two arduinos to have one collecting and transmitting and the other receiving and feeding the data into COM?
Is there a better way to go about the task?

Secondly, could you recommend a piece of software that can display analog signals from arduino as visual graphs, waveforms etc. something colourful?

Thirdly, if anybody here has experience with something similar, could I see the code you went with to get the general idea of what I need to include in mine. If anybody has any better design ideas, those are also very welcome, because I'm an absolute newb in the area and would appreciate any help\advice you might want to share.