CanSat Transceiver Programming


We are a couple of students from Horten, Norway. We have got the amazing task of creating and programming a CanSat. Everything has gone fine so far, but we are having some problems programming for the apc220 transceiver. Any tips, hints or tutorials on how to do this would be highly appreciated!

Best regards, Some Students at HVS

Post a link to the datasheet for the transceiver?

What Arduino are you using and how does it communicate with the transceiver?


We haven't got a datasheet, but a quick Google search finds this:

We are using an Arduino Uno and it is supposed to communicate through serial I think. We haven't worked with Arduinos before and this is quite new to us.

It seems to use a simple serial connection. I suggest you use SoftwareSerial to create a secind serial port on your Uno so that the hardware serial port (pins 0 and 1) can be reserved for programming and sending messages to the Arduino serial monitor.

You say you are having problems. That implies that you have an Arduino program that you have not yet shared with us - please do so.

And please use the code button </>so your code looks like thisand is easy to copy to a text editor

Serial Input Basics