Can't able to receive RF signal using arduino

First time I am using Arduino(Uno R3 ATMEGA16U2). I am trying to receive RF signal using RF Receiver.I used RC Switch library to decode RF Signal. When Sending signal from RF Remote its not print anything. I don’t know it is invalid connection problem or RF Receiver board problem.

My Connection:

Arduino Power Pin 5v → RF Receiver VCC
Arduino Power Pin Ground → RF Receiver Ground
Arduino Digital Pin 2 → RF Receiver Data Pin

I got RF Receiver and Transmitter from

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Note that your remote may use a different frequency or a code that is not compatible with the RCSwitch library. In those cases, you won't receive anything.

You need to put about 16cm of wire connected to each of the ANT terminals and space the units about 75cm apart.

Also look here and try their example and library

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Show your code


this looks like a super-regenerative receiver... I designed one a long time ago.

They are very cheap, but -

1/ they have poor sensitivity - the best I got was about -98dBm with a baud rate of 1200.. - a decent receiver would acheive -110dBm easily.

2/ they are not very stable

3/ They are very subject to high level interfering signals, even far away from their tuned frequency - this is known as blocking

4/ I'm not sure they're even legal these days, as they inevitably emit a fair amount of oscillator signal at the wanted frequency.

5/ They can only receive amplitude modulated on/off keying

given all the above, they can be made to work with variable pulse-width or pulse position coding eg Manchester encoding.

What coding does your software use?