Can't access arduino.local on android phone

hi, i am trying to access to arduino.local for my project on an android phone but when i try to go there it says "The webpage is not available" when i am on the same network and when i try to access arduino.local on any other device on the same network it works.

I have tried accessing my arduino yun using its IP address and it works but i need to arduino.local to get my project working how i want it.

Also i was able to access arduino.local from my phone a few months ago but it does not work any more.

Any suggestions to fix would be greatly appreciated.

Correct, a name like arduino.local does not work on an Android phone, as it lacks the necessary zero configure client needed to translate the address.

I've not been able to find the software necessary to install a client under Android, the closest I've seen is a software development kit that lets you add discovery features to an Android app you are writing - allowing it to be discovered by other computers, but still not allowing it to discover other computers.

It's been a while since I looked, maybe someone knows of a solution now. But as far as I know, on Android, it's IP addresses or nothing.

Windows: install Apple's Bonjour to get the ability (or install iTunes or QuickTime.)
Linux: install Ahavi.
Mac: handles it natively.
iphone/iPad: handles it natively.
Android: SOL

Use the ip adress, like for example.