Can't access the software required to update firmware of Arduino Wi-Fi Shield

I have been getting inconsistent results with the Arduino Wi-Fi Shield. I was told to try updating the firmware of the shield and I am currently following this guide.

I can't access the Atmel's flip programmer nor the AVR32 studio; the webpage gives me an error: the Atmel's Flip webpage.

I won't be able to get the results I want without updating the shield. Any help would be appreciated.

enter flip into the search box in the upper right of that page you linked to, it brings you right to the download page.

Thank you for your reply. The download page shows FLIP version 2.4.6 only. To update the firmware I need 3.4.6, according to the guide. Also, searching for "AVR32 Studio" on the microchip page only brings PDF files and not the download page. Is there any other way to update the firmware besides the method in the guide? I can't even get download the prerequisite software.

The broken link to the FLIP software issue has been reported here:

Current DL page for Ateml Studio: