Can't access the web

I've been trying to access the web to code online from a week almost but the web is not responding I need to finish my work soon

Can you elaborate?

here is the messege I get when I try to use the web editor " It's just one of those days. We're doing our best to get things back up and running.

If this is taking too long you can write us on the Forum, or check the Error Log."

Please post the URL that is providing that message.
Also, please tell us what browser and operating system that you are using.

I get the same error..... This is site I went to

I just created a sketch and uploaded it to an Uno using that tool without issue.

Help us help you. Please provide this information too.
Have you installed the plugin necessary to use this tool?

I am using a chrome book. And using Chrome and have downloaded the app that takes me to that site that says ardruino is having a problem

Start here:

If you still have issues you should contact support directly here.
Be specific in your issues, your device, and your software.

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