Can't arm even the GUI arm ok, need extra power to the board

I got the DIY X Plus One from Kick Starter, once finish building I tried to arm the motors without success. The MultiWii GUI shows that when I move the left stick down to the right, it arms but once I connect the battery and arm, the motors won’t start! I also tried to adjust the TX end points as well as the MIN & command THR in the GUI and on the TX itself but no luck. However, if I keep on trying to arm, I may get 1 out of 10 times. Next I was trying to calibrate the ESC, using all at once method (Tx on, Thr UP, connect battery, Thr DOWN, disconnect battery, etc) to no avail. I did try to use the Arduino config.h to calibrate the ESC but the compiling yields too many error that I can’t fix them all. Then I had to carve open the X Plus One foam belly to get access to the RX and the Nano Wii FC and individually calibrate the ESC via the RX. I still can NOT arm the motors. Then I remember when I connected it to the MultiWii software, I was able to arm the motors with the USB connected every time! Now come the experiment time, I just connect the USB power supply (not MultiWii via PC) to the NanoWii, then connect the battery and I can arm the motors!! At this point, I remember somewhere that a person posted a clip saying that he has to apply the power to the board too. Note also that, even if I just connect only the battery pack, I can see the red/blue led on the board just like I connect the power via the USB connector on to the board meaning the FC gets the power from the RX. Another strange behavior is that, once I connect the power to the board’s USB then the battery pack, I can arm the motors and remove the USB power and still able to arm. And if I remove both the USB and the pack and reconnect just only the pack within a few minutes, I can still arm! However, if I let it sit without power for over, say 30 minutes and connect only the pack, I won’t be able to arm. Finally, I had to cut open the belly again and run the extra power from the RX to the NanoWii and everything works fine now. Any idea why this happened?


Why don’t you contact the person/company that you bought it from? Through Kickstarter…

That was the first thing I did, but so far no reply. This reminds me of the Pocket Drone, which I also have.. :(