Can't associate new Nano 33 IoT with Thing


new Nano 33 IoT works fine with IDE (1.8.15) on Win 10 PC - connected via direct USB (no Hub, connected on com13 or 11. All is well, can see board in device manager, get board info in IDE and upload and run sketches.

But I can't associate it with a Thing in IoT cloud. I select 'associate new device' in the Thing list and then 'Set up new device" (There is another board already set up and offered but I want to use the new nano). Then select 'Set up an Arduino device'.

Browser shows a screen with 'waiting for your device to come available' for a second or two and then a blank page - that's all - it hangs on the blank page.

I have the Create Agent installed version 1.2.3-b696989 and am using Chrome 92.0.4515.107 (Official Build) (64-bit).

Have tried the troubleshooting steps In the ioT support area:
Restarted PC
Unplugged and replugged board
Direct USB connection - no hub
Disconnect other devices - tried but Device manager shows F5521gw Mobile broadband device management and GPS port which come back every time I uninstall them - they reappear when I plug the nano in - weird?
Double pressing the reset button - the orange light on the Nano starts breathing

But nothing changes - browser goes to blank white page after 'waiting for your device to come available' screen disappears.

The create debug low just cycles around as below:

Network Ports:

Serial Ports:
"Name": "COM11",
"SerialNumber": "",
"IsOpen": false,
"VendorID": "0x2341",
"ProductID": "0x8057"
"Name": "COM5",
"SerialNumber": "",
"IsOpen": false,
"VendorID": "0x0BDB",
"ProductID": "0x1911"

Nano appears on Com 13 when device manager shows "...Bootloader" and Com11 when it is not breathing the orange led.

Have tried everything I can think of - any and all help appreciated



Not quite sure how or why. Decided to uninstall and reinstall Create Agent.
Then followed the link at the end of create agent install guide to the Web Editor where I could see the Nano in the device box at the top.

Tried again with the IoT associate process and it worked. No idea what is going on. Going for a lie down!

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