Cant be done? Counter then use each digit.

1.Count in decimal such as 100,101,102....

2.Blink a numbered LED for each digit.

So on say 102, LED 1 would blink, then LED 0, then LED 2.

I dont think arduino can do this without a serial feed or similair, but if anybody has the skills, i will paypal them a gift :slight_smile:


If you really want to pay someone for this you should ask in the Gigs and Collaborations section.

If you want help to learn how to write the code yourself, this is the place. Make your best attempt and if it does not do what you want post the code and explain what it actually does and what you want it to do.

It sounds like a fairly simple requirement.
I don't understand why you think a serial feed would be necessary - unless there is part of the project you have not told us about. In any case serial communication is not difficult.


Totally untested

//Which pins each led is connected to (digit 0 - 9 )
byte digitPins[10]={2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11};

int value=102;

void setup()
for (int n=0;n<10;n++)
 pinMode(digitPins[n], OUTPUT);


void loop(){}

void showValue(unsigned long value)

int range= 1000000000ul;

//ignore leading zeros
while(value < range)
  range /= 10;

//now show each digit
while(range > 0)
   byte digit = value/range;
   digitalWrite (digitPins[digit], HIGH);
   delay (500);
   range /= 10; 
   value -= (digit * range);

Thanks Ken & R, im here to learn but that sort of coding is baffling for me.

I'll start whith this and try to make it work.
Will let u know Ken.

The Thread planning and implementing a program may be useful.