cant burn bootloader using serial

I have an Arduino USB board that i replaced the chip with. I just purchased the Serial programmer from Sparks electronics and i'm trying to put the boot loader on the new atemga8 chip that I bought from digikey. I can can not get the boot loader to work. I'm using win xp. Is there any easy tutorial out there because I can't seam to get it to work using the instructions I found on the boot loader page of arduin


in general burning the bootloader is a bit of a pain in the a**, but once you do get the hang of it, it ony takes a few seconds to burn the actual chip. I spent about 20 hours getting it right. I did it on a Mac emulating windows, and used the AVR studio bruning capability, with the little AVR-MKII. If you are using windows you might want to try this. The instructions are in the tutorial section of the playground.


Yeah it is a pain... I've been using a mac my whole life but i cant find an easy way to do it on a mac either. where is the easy button haha!

use avrdude

there are a couple of articles by ubi de feo on the blog about the secrets of avrdude

once you learn you can burn whatever you want


It's a bit tougher on a mac, mostly because all of the cheap/easy homebrew programers are based on the parallel port, which the Mac doesn't have (and a USB to parallel adapter won't do the job, either).

You can drop US$34 on the AVRISPmkII, build avrdude with libusb, and burn the bootloader natively on OS X. This is the route I took for the Mac.

I was unable to get the simple parallel port programmer listed on the arduino web site to work with a windows 2000 box, but I did get a similar one based on a 74hc244 to work.

I started to try to build a serial port programmer, but I decoded to go ahead and spend the $$ on a real programmer. I certainly haven't regretted that decision.