Can't communicate between matlab and USB MKR1000

Hi, I'm new to using Arduino.
I'm building the mobile rover project which is part of the engineering kit.
My rover is built and I plugged the USB into the MKR1000 and MATLAB does detect that it is hooked up.
My issue is I can't seem to figure out how to communicate with it, I get this response:

a = arduino(' COM5', 'MKR1000', 'libraries', 'Arduino/MKRMotorCarrier');
Unable to find Arduino hardware at COM5. First argument must be a valid serial port, Bluetooth address/name or IP address/hostname.

COM5 is the port number that comes up under Device Manager of my computer and I followed the steps on setting up the MKR1000 so I'm not sure how to figure this out.


Why does COM5 have a space before it? Could that be the issue?