Can't communicate with UNO

Hi forum.

a few days ago i was programming when my laptop started to behave strange (monitor issues), after a few reboots my screen was suddenly totally white.

I found my work laptop got the IDE downloaded and connected the UNO, driver failed to install as expected, when i opened device manager there was no UNO listed under COM/LPT ports, instead it popped up under other devices as a USB2.0 serial, it won’t update driver when i lead it to Arduino Driver folder.
i tried with another laptop but same problem again.

I also have a DUE board, it works ok after adding it in the IDE.

The board is working ok when i connect the sensors and LCD that was running with the last code loaded.

any good suggestions on what to do?

BR. Søren


Even I had the same problem before, but id disappeared when I reinstalled the IDE. What version of thee IDE do you have???

I have tried to reinstall it today i'm running 1.6.7

Sorry for the spelling mistakes and what operating system do you use???

hi again. now i'm running WIN7 enterprise 64. my computer that crashed was win7-64 pro, i have tried on win vista home as well.

Is it a real Arduino? If you bought it in China/eBay/AliExpress you probably need the CH341 driver :wink:

You are a god, and I am a beliver :slight_smile:

it is a china compatible, NHduino UNO

my chinese is a bit rusty so i found a download here.

now i will reinstall most recent IDE again.

thanks so much.

BR Søren

Yes septillion is absolutely right if it is a clone. Right now my neighbor gave an Arduino clone whose USB-Uart was FTDI 232R and I downloaded it from


and install it.

Also see the name of the chip written on it and if atmega 8 specify Arduino NG or older.
Best of Luck

oh sorry I did not notice your reply

Happy that your problem is solved.

my chinese is a bit rusty so i found a download here.

Download seems to be download in Chinese so no problem there :wink: I tend to trust the manufactures website more then a random other side.

But great it works!

And yeay, in the past the FTDI (or a FTDI clone) was widely used but that changed after FTDI gate.

I understand my Uno doesn't even show up on devices, won't load drivers I have another different model on the way but I expect it too will be electronic junk but maybe with a different USB cable it will work. One more board on the way then I likely will be done with these things.