Can't compile anything in Arduino Web that requires an <include> file

When I try to compile MemoryFree example I get an error "MemoryFree.h: No such file or directory"

This doesn't happen in my desktop Arduino IDE, but regardless of the computer I have Arduino Web installed on I keep getting No such file errors when including files that are already apparently in the library manager. Like MemoryFree.

Even when I try to compile the example in the MemoryFree library I get the same error.

Is there some PATH information I need to set in my environment that I'm not aware of?

I'm using a couple of Windows 7 boxes and getting the same result on both machines when I use the Arduino Web Editor to compile examples.

I don't believe the MemoryFree library is in the Library Manager index, and thus not pre-installed in the Arduino Web Editor. The standard IDE's Library Manager shows libraries you have installed manually in addition to the libraries that are in the index so if you had installed the library on your computer via a method other than Library Manager this may have fooled you into thinking it was part of the Library Manager index.

You will need to download the MemoryFree library and then upload it to the Arduino Web Editor as a .zip file.

Thank you. That worked.