Can't compile the StandardFirmata in Clone Arduino

I’m using Arduino IDE v 1.0.5 and getting error when I’m compiling StandardFirmata with my clone arduino(Gizduino).

Error says, ‘TOTAL_PINS’ was not detected in this scope.

D:\Program Files\Arduino\libraries\Firmata/Boards.h:282:2: error: #error “Please edit Boards.h with a hardware abstraction for this board”

I think the pin configuration of my clone arduino is not compatible with pin configuration of firmata.

I can’t make it work, after editing the pin configuration of Boards.h from firmata folder, its always have the error.
I am using a clone arduino named Gizduino X Atmega1281. I’m not that good in the firmata of arduino. Here’s my edited code:

#elif defined(__AVR_ATmega1281)
#define TOTAL_ANALOG_PINS       8
#define TOTAL_PINS              62 // 54 digital + 16 analog
#define VERSION_BLINK_PIN       13
#define IS_PIN_DIGITAL(p)       ((p) >= 22 && (p) <= 45)
#define IS_PIN_ANALOG(p)        ((p) >= 46 && (p) <= 53)
#define IS_PIN_PWM(p)           (((p) >= 2 && (p) <= 9)
#define IS_PIN_SERVO(p)         ((p) >= 2 && (p) - 2 < MAX_SERVOS)
#define IS_PIN_I2C(p)           ((p) == 20 || (p) == 21)
#define PIN_TO_DIGITAL(p)       (p)
#define PIN_TO_ANALOG(p)        ((p) - 62)
#define PIN_TO_PWM(p)           PIN_TO_DIGITAL(p)
#define PIN_TO_SERVO(p)         ((p) - 2)

Can somebody help me please, because I’m planning to use arduino to communicate with Unity 3d through the use of Uniduino Package. Attached is the pin config of the clone arduino.

Reply and answers will be much appreciated, Thank you Buddies!

pins_arduino.h (8.99 KB)

my question is, Is it possible to upload and compile firmata with arduino clones?

Of course it is, and the compiler told you exactly what you needed to do to lobotomize your Arduino.

i'm editing the pin configuration of Boards.h based on the pin config of the arduino clone. Hope it will be okay. I will post if it is successful or not. Thanks

Can somebody help me please? I cant modify the Boards.h .Thanks!