Can't complete compile

Hey there,

For some reason, I can't compile my sketches under Arduino 0018 on XP SP3 to upload to my Duemilanove.

The IDE sits at "Uploading to I/O Board" forever. Process Explorer shows an idle "as.exe" child process of avr-gcc.exe.

Everything was working fine until today. Java was updated today (1.6.0_20-b02), and I removed (two?) VC++ 2005 redists and installed the latest version from MS.

The Java update was my first guess at a culprit, so I renamed the arduino/java dir, but that didn't make a difference.

Arduino seems to use cygwin, so I didn't think the VC++ redist was the issue.

Anyone have any ideas what could be going on?


Is there more than one "as.exe" on your computer?

There may be, however the command-line of the image that's hung is:


So that's not it. But I suppose it could be an environment var or something in my path. I thought about that, so I copied the files from the tmp dir to a new one and ran the command line from there. No issues.

There's a number of avr-gcc/avr-g++'s with child as.exe's that spawn sequentially and the as (assembler?) hangs on different files.

I'm stumped (for now).

Is there a debug log I can enable to troubleshoot this?

Alternatively, is there a documented method for manually compiling and uploading sketches to the Arduino?

Is there a debug log I can enable to troubleshoot this?

Hold the Shift key when you Verify / Compile. Unfortunately, that does not include spawned processes. But, you may be able to reproduce the problem by copy-and-paste the command-lines.

any updates on this?

Im a noobie…and all of a sudden (after a verify got frozen or had errors)

Arduino IDE will NOT verify any sketches… just freezes at compile stage.

Any suggestions on hwo to fix this? or un-install everything…and start over?