Can't connect the T-Minus main controller board from a Cansat Kit to PC

Hello, I have a Cansat kit with a T-Minus main controller board based on Arduino and in the data sheet I have the next address: “arduino-x.x-windows\arduino-x.x\hardware\arduino” but this address does not do anything... they say that from it i must download the driver for the controller board... on the web i did not find any driver or something that could make my PC recognize the board.

Any ideas? Thank you! :D


Have you downloaded the software from the website? The downloaded s/w has a folder containing the windows driver.

yes and it says that: Selected board depends on ‘arduino’ core (not installed).

I have no ideea what i have to do because I do not have a Tminus or something else in the Boards installer…

The TMinus files are outdated and don’t work with Arduino > 1.5.

I had to update the package so i could use it.
You can ignore the bootloader warning that shows up (couldn’t figure out how to solve it…)

Extract to your Arduino folder:

— libraries
— hardware
— sketches (5.4 KB)