Can't connect to ESP32cam when using a Wemos D1 mini WiFi repeater


I've setup a subnetwork with a Wemos D1 mini and want it to use it as a WiFi repeater for devices in my garden. I'm testing the setup with a ESP32cam with a http streaming server that is connected to the repeater, which is connected to my main router. Basically it works like this:

PCs and other devices -> ASUS rt-ac750 router <- Wemos repeater <- Esp32cam

The router's network is 192.168.2.x (router's ip The repeater's network is 192.168.4.x ( for the Wemos [ on the routers network] and for the Esp32cam).

I've set up a static route for subnet, gateway and mask on the router as in this tutorial - ESP8266 as a WiFi range extender - YouTube.

I can ping all devices on 192.168.4.x from the devices connected to the router, and can connect to the streaming server if I connect to the Wemos, but I can't connect to it when using one of my PCs, or any device connected to the router for that matter.

Wemos repeater sketch - #define IP_FORWARD 1#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>#include <WiFiUDP.h>int st -
ESP32cam sketch - /* This is a simple MJPEG streaming webserver implemented for AI-Thinker ES -

I'm obviously missing something simple due to my lack of knowledge in LAN networks.


I used this tutorial to ping my 192.168.2.x devices from the ESP32cam and see that the pings don't come through.

My theory is that information reaches the ESP32cam, but the responses cannot return.

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