can't connect to plugin web IDE, halp (windows 10, chrome

I've read through the forums, tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times (right-clicking and run as administrator on the .exe install file). The only option during the installation process was 'allow for use on browsers besides chrome and firefox', which I did just in case. there was one popup for a certificate or something that I hit allow. But when I try right-clicking and run as admin on the create app, it never runs, don't see it in the task manager either. I tried visiting http://localhost:8991/ and http://localhost:8992/ but never saw the send button.

What's weird is that I never had this problem before, having been using an uno and mega now for two weeks without problem and after coming back to work on it after labor day, all of sudden this yellow can't connect message shows up for the first time. What do I do?

Known, confirmed, reported.

Please also see here.


Issue has been resolved (see here)