Can't connect to Yun over wifi with IDE

Hi! First post.

A bit of background one my experience with Arduino first. I don't have any. Total noob.

I do however know my way around things with keyboards and screens, although nothing professional.

I picked up a Yun for fun and set out to put to build this project:

I ran into an issue here: My Yun does not show in the ports list when powered from a plug. If connected to the computer via USB, my yun shows in Arduino IDE ports list (had to play around with drivers for a while to make it work). My Yun shows in Bonjour Browser and I can connect to the setting page on arduino.local, so it's there. Also connected to it via Putty and ssh.

In my device manager I have an unknown device, but not sure it's that (edit: now I know it is not the Yun, still shows when Yun is powered off).

I read things around this forum: I opened port UDP 5353, no firewall (except for Windows) on this computer, running Win7.