Cant connect UNO to pc anymore

Hi All,

After a lot of uploads on my uno, it suddenly stopped accepting any upload from my pc. "avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00"

I've checked the comport and the board type: still ok Arduino does show up on the comport in my connections menu from the PC at the selected comport. (Not sure if this means it also works) PC and arduino have been restted: no effect I've tried resetting while compiling/uploading on different time intervals: no effect. Arduino software has been re-installed

I also notice when the arduino boots the LED at 13 does not blink at all but just stays on, it used to blink ( at least i think so) a couple of times when booting.

Green (on) LED is on.

The last sketch i uploaded is not working anymore either.

Any idea what this could be? Have I killed it?


I'm thinking could it be that the code running on the arduino when booting is causing the problems? Is there a way to erase the sketch currently on there without connecting it to the pc?

Is your Arduino a copy one and have you done a windows update as this could be your problem.

No this problem is never caused by faked ftdi chips. Probably you destroyed your ATmega chip by overloading one of its outputs.

I've been getting the same error message since I first plugged in my new fake UNO. The LED is flashing quickly, non-stop. I've tried uploading the blink demo sketch to no avail.

Does anyone have any ideas about this problem?