Can't Connect Via Ethernet (Sometimes)

My new ethernet shield doesn't seem to want to connect to the ethernet. I have tried running several of the standard ethernet sketches provided with the IDE but nothing happens except a connection failure. The weird thing is that last night the stupid thing actually worked, but now it doesn't.

At this point I have no idea what I'm doing wrong, any thoughts or advise would be greatly appreciated.


maybe it might be usefull telling what board you are using and what hardware you are using for your project, etc..

I'm using an Arduino Uno R3 w/ a Wiznet 5100 Ethernet Shield. Connected via airport extreme router.

Are you using DHCP or assigning an IP address?

Sounds about par for the course with the Wiznet shield. I gave up on mine when they failed to work reliably in the long term. Depriving it of power for a short while usually got mine working again until it decided to croak again.