Can't connecting MKR GSM 1400 with PC, no ports availible

I have just bougt Arduino MKR GSM 1400 but
I can't connect it with my PC. When I select the board "Arduino MKR GSM 1400" in IDE 1.6.13 there are only two ports availible, COM1 and COM2. These ports are not usable because the software prints the message "Native serial port, can't obtain information".
Nethertheless I can connect my Arduino UNO because the port COM3 apears when I sellect the board "Arduino UNO" in IDE 1.6.13.
Where is the problem?(I use Windows XP and I have installed all MKR GSM 1400 librarys)

I have checked the USB cable, it works well with other devices.
I have changed the PC, the same...
I have changed the Windows XP to Windows 10, the same...
I don't think the board is bad but I start to doubt.

is your XP computer USB 1.0, 2.0, or 3.0 ?

I had some issues with USB 1.0 and 3.0 on various computers with Arduino MKR boards but less so with UNO or MEGA boards for USB 1.0

Its not so much libraries but the BOARD cores that need to be installed.
If you meant the cores then which version are you showing ?

You might also want to consider a newer IDE on your win 10 box.

I have get it!

I have changed all(only the USB cable is the same):

New laptop with two cores.
Windows 10.
The last versión of IDE, v1.8.8.

...and finally the board is comunicated.

I think it is manufacturers error, no warn us for these limitations…

Thank you for waste your time in this simple problem.

Anyone helped in the slightest is time well spent not wasted.

You might also get a little further with your XP boxes and a newer IDE but I would not go up to the latest but take it in stages until you find one that works well.
More so if it is a single core XP box.