Cant create a new sketch in Arduino IDE 2.0.0 beta 10

I am using windows 10 and have a Uno R3 connected to the USB.
I have successfully loaded the multiple example sketches, modified them, compiled them, and uploaded them to UNO but cannot find a way to create a new sketch from scratch.

I looked for something like "New Sketch" to select but cannot find it in either the documentation or the IDE.

Please advise.

At the top left hand corner select "File", then select "New"

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How did I miss this?????


This does not work always. I've discovered that when I can't find the "NEW" under "File", there is an icon: image
that starts a new file.

I am confused because I have seen it both ways i.e. from the file, and when it is missing there it will be found in the icon.

Confused but satisfied.

What OS?
What Version?

Tom.. :smiley: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

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