Can't edit a post for five (5) minutes.

So you can’t edit what you posted for five (5) minutes, really?

Are you replying to someone?

No. I was just trying to fix something in the item I just posted.

This is an irritating but apparently effective measure to reduce spam.

The restriction goes away after 50 or 100 posts.


Some still gets thru. I deleted some ads for New Balance sneakers last night.

Why didn't you post in the same thread?

Are captcha’s really that hard to implement after a poster hits the “spam” limit?! I don’t have a lot of free time to help in the electronics section. “Spam” limit should be removed after like 6mo or so. The Spam system needs work.

As Robin said, if you want to seriously contribute to the forum, you'll get rid of that relatively soon.

lg, couka

Are captcha's...

Useless? Yes. Very.