Can't figure out how to interface LCD-Display

Hello everybody,
I'm new to arduino and I'd like to use this

display with my arduino ... I tried to connect the GND/5V to pin 1 + 2 of the display
but get no reaction, at least something should happen if the display is powered? What is meant by TTL? This means the data-transfer? and what is 5V-CMOS? Sorry for my cluelessness ;o)
I'd really appreciate any help!
cheers, Max

Hi Max,

I don't think that display will do anything until you initialise it, it does not have a backlight. See the references below for code that you can use to bring it to life.

The reference to TTL and CMOS refer to the interfacing capability of the LCD pins. In short, it should connect to the arduino just fine.

You should be able to use any of the LCD libraries to drive it. Have a look at this page: LiquidCrystal - Arduino Reference

And this one: Arduino Playground - LCD

Have fun

Now that was a really quick reply :o)
Thank you very much!