Can't figure out installing AVRdude on Mac...

I’ve downloaded AVRdude 5.4 from Tried to follow instructions, but don’t see these directories:

usr/local/etc ← avrdude.conf here, according to instructions
usr/local/bin ← avrdude goes here " " "

How do I get AVRdude installed?

FYI, I’ve got Xtools and DarwinPorts installed (not that I know how these relate to AVRdude, but somewhere along the way they were recommended…



Caveat: I haven't looked at LadyAda's instructions.

The directories are /usr/local/... (note leading "/" - it's important). The install process should create them if they are not there. I had already populated /usr/local before avrdude, so I don't know how avrdude's install will react if it isn't there. It's conveivable you need to do a "sudo mkdir /usr/local" before the "sudo make install" step.

In general, unix open source packages are built from source by extracting the source tarball, cd-ing into that directory, and issuing the commands

./configure make sudo make install

If you own the target install directories and there is no suid funny stuff, that last one can be just "make install" without the sudo.

As best I recall, avrdude only depended on libusb (to get support for my avrispmkII).

hope these random thoughts help...


It's conveivable you need to do a "sudo mkdir /usr/local" before the "sudo make install" step.

I did sudo mkdir /usr/local/etc and /usr/local/bin then moved the 2 files (avrdude and avrdude.conf) into these directories. Executing avrdude without having any sketch gives appropriate errors :)

Looks like I'm ready to roll!

Thanks, Dave