Cant find a MPU9250 library for ESP32

I’m working on a flight controller using an ESP32 and I’m having trouble finding code for the mpu9250. I’ve built a flight controller before using a Arduino Nano and the mpu6050 and I used the library from Jeff rowberg.
So far all my code was based on quaternion calculations and I need a library that gives quaternions from the sensors internal DMP. But I can’t find anything for the the mpu 9250 let alone that it also runs on the ESP32.

Does anyone know about a suitable library for the mpu9250 and that runs on the ESP32?

you may need to modify the code, but the manufacturer of the MPU6050 has a complete development page for you to use

Under Developers - Software Downloads
you will find a download folder that has the latest version for the MPU-6050 and MPU-9250 families of there product line

Version 6.21 is much newer than Jeffs version which I think is 2.x something. The ESP32 has much more memory to handle the full library with the compiled MPU6050 source code.

Embedded MotionDriver 6.12
Embedded MotionDriver 6.12 is our first ever 9-axis solution not locked to a specific MCU.Version 6.1.2 is an update to 6.1 that includes bug fixes and new libraries. This release is supported across all ARM Mx core architectures and supports the InvenSense MPU-6000, 6050, 6500, 9150, and 9250. The release includes optimized libraries and example projects for M3 and M4 cores as well the generic ARM library for any Mx core and an additional library and project for the TI MSP430. eMD 6.1 also includes a Python client for both visualizing the sensor performance and commands for printing data. This solution will allow you to easily leverage and configure numerous features of the DMP and also benefit from dynamic features in the MPL software library. Libraries specific to IAR, Keil, and GCC are included.



First of all, be sure that the ESP32 contains the I2C Bus Interface Logic. The MPU6050/9250 is an I2C bus driven sensor.