Can't find datasheet for stepper motor

I have a random stepper motor that i salvaged that i want to drive with an L298N. The serial number is 2SQ-022BA34S but i can't find any datasheet for it. On the motor it also says 2.2V and 4Ohm.

Is it safe to just plug it in to the L298N and test it or can i damage the motor and/or the controller? How do i make sure i'm using it safely?

Im very new to this so sorry if this is obvious.

The L298 is totally unsuitable for that 1.8 Ampere/winding motor. The L298 will just overheat and shut down.

You need a proper current-limiting stepper motor driver, like this one. If you don't need the full torque, the motor will run fine on less current, and this less expensive one will work too.

Be certain to follow the instructions to set the motor current limit.

I suggest to use a motor power supply capable of 12-24V at a couple of Amperes.

These links may help

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This link has some basic info

The motor appears to be from dynasyn who seem to be defunct.