Can't find drivers/ an up to date guide for Pro Micro

Due to HID-Project library does not work with an UNO r3, I ordered a Pro Micro 5V. I am currently trying to find some drivers to work with the thing, but they might not be needed.


In device manager, the board shows as "USB Serial Device", but when plugging it in for the first time, Windows10 64x said that it was an Arduino Leonardo, and so does Arduino IDE 1.8.15. The best guide I could find is seriously out of date.
What should I do?

You don't have to do anything.

The Pro Micro is not an official Arduino board. You can use it as if it is a Leonardo board, but it has not all the pins.

I need use almost all of the pins (I think only 3 have to be analog, but I dont know what I'm going to add in the future).

The Pro Micro is a smaller version of the Arduino Leonardo.
Select "Leonardo" in the Arduino IDE and you can use all the pins of the Pro Micro.
Many things can be added via the I2C bus.


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