Excuse me guys, I just bought an Arduino DUE and I have read some topics. I can't even upload a sketch to my DUE because I couldn't find it on the tools menu.

Is there a problem with the program?, or it's just me?. Its version is Arduino 1.6.4

Thanks a lot....

That version of the IDE requires you download and install some extra files with the "Board Manager" on the tools menu.

I have done it and it's aleready working, thanks a lot guys... :smiley:

I have also downloaded thepart for due, but I get an error massage when I try to program it. Out of sync I think. I use windows 8.1 and Arduino 1.6.2 and instaled software for due from the Bards Manager.
In the board I have choosen due, but inthe programmer, I am not sure what to choose? Now I have used ArduinoISP. The I have pushed the erase button on due to erase the flash and pushed the reset just after I start the upload.

It's really helpful if you post that actual error message instead of what you though it might have said. "Out of sync" is a message produced by AVRDUDE and even seeing that error with a Due is an error itself.

I don't think it matters which programmer you pick. Mine is currently showing AVRISP mkII and I have exactly the same setup as you.

You should not have to press reset, but I find I do need to press erase, even when using the programming port, which is supposed to do that for me.

I'm having a similar issue with DUO, where the 1.6.4 IDE is loading on a 64-bit Win8.1 system. The 1.6.4 IDE release notes say to load the SAM core 1.6.3 ... but i get an error message at the bottom of the board manager.

"CRC doesn't match. File corrupted."

I had trouble with my system thinking that the original .zip files were corrupted. I was only able to download on a separate machine, extract, and then copy on to my main computer.

Is there a way to download the DUO SAM core on the other machine and simply copy the entire setup to my main PC? I've tried the 1.6.4, 1.6.3 and 1.6.2 core versions with the same result.

UPDATE: I can download the IDE and the SAM core on a win8 machine. Copying just the IDE extraction to my win8.1 machine works fine and I can open the IDE properly. HOWEVER, when I copy the entire IDE and SAM core, there seems to be no understanding of the SAM module code. Its as though the SAM core is stored in a location from the IDE. Where is that located, and can I just copy it from the win8 machine to the win8.1 machine and have it work?

It's in AppData (not Application Data) in your roaming profile, under your username.